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Welcome back!

Today we'll talk about how our programmer, Pau Tarés,  made the first prototype of the game under the name "PaperBoy" of what will later become A Tale Of Paper.

It all started in our second year at ENTI (Videogame Design University at Barcelona). At the beggining of the course each student individually had to develop two different prototypes of two completly different games built in different engines, one in Unreal Engine and the other in Unity.

But before the development began, each student on its own, had to do a market study to help them see what kind of game was the best to make.

This was November 2017, earlier that year, in April, a big title that caught everyone's attention came out: Little Nightmares.  Pau saw a lack of games similar to this title and, seeing how well it did and the big community it created,  decided to make a similar one but with a different approach.

What if Little Nightmares was less dark? What if it was more of a dream and less of a nightmare? What if the character could morph into different things? What if it was made of... paper? Can you imagine being a frog, a ball, a plane... all in one, like origami figures? Well, Pau saw potential in those things and like that, the idea of A Tale Of Paper was born.

Here you can see the very first playable demo of "PaperBoy" developed in Unreal Engine.

(we also want to add that this was done in one month without any previous experience with UE4, thus this being the very first time using this engine):

Thank you for reading, see you in the next one!

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