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Welcome back!

First of all, the OpenHouseGames Team wishes that all of you are doing well through these tough times we’re currently living. We must stay strong, if Line can endure the hardest of obstacles, we all also can and will. Stay home and stay safe everyone!

Now let’s continue talking about how the project developed after the second build by the time the team was fully reunited.

After January of 2018 the project started to evolve, the first concepts for line were made and the final design that we see today for him appeared. The game improved visually including scripting, animations, 3D models and many other levels were added.


This was our first time having to face the “real world” when it came to publishing a game. We had to make a marketing plan using tools like Mailchimp to contact multiple youtubers and many video game journalism websites and writers, posting on video game sites and forums and spreading it through reddit, discord and other places so the game could reach as much people as possible. It was a completely new and unknown experience to us, but it also helped us to gain experience with these situations for the future.

We then made our very first “Official Trailer” for the game announcing the the release date of the demo on (May 11 2018). After that the day came and we published the game on We continued talking and spreading our game, we needed to see what people thought about it and we were anxious on the process to know how players would react.

After one day or two the very first comments showed up and it was looking good, then as the days went on, people not only commented but now Youtube gameplays started to pop up and it reached way more audience. We saw how it rapidly went up on getting to the top of the front page. We were in awe, people loved the game, Line and the world around it.

We saw that was very well received and we decided to push it forward. We thought it was a great idea and we were willing to do so. We found the Playstation Talents Initiative and we decided to give it a shot… But that’s a story for our next Devlog.

The A Tale Of Paper 2018 Trailer published before its launch on

Thanks as always for reading and see you in two weeks!

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