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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Official Devlog of A Tale Of Paper.

First of all thank you for taking the time to read this post, for us it means a lot.

From the first post to the last  we will tell you from how the idea of the project arose, the development of the first prototype with videos and images of the first playable demo, the development of the game as a final year project, the collaboration agreement with PlayStation, our passage through fairs such as the GameLab, Fun & Serious Game Festival, the NiceOne Barcelona... and ending in the publication of the game.

We will also reveal the troubles and struggles that we have found along the way and the lessons that we have been able to draw from them as much as the things in which we have succeeded and have worked out well. 

All this narrated from the point of view of three young independent developers just out of college and with zero work experience. And thus being able to serve as an example to all the young people who want to enter this market and also for those who are already fully involved in the world of development so they can see the industry from a point of view of someone who wants to make a place in it.

Thank you very much for reading our first post, and we hope to see you in the next one in 2 weeks. If you have any doubt or suggestion of topics that you would like us to address or want to send us a specific question, feel free to send us an email / message through our contact info that we’ll leave below.

Good luck and see you soon!

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