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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Official Devlog of A Tale Of Paper.
First of all thank you for taking the time to read this post, for us it means a lot.
From the first post to the last  we will tell you from how the idea of the project arose, the development of the first prototype with videos and images of the first playable demo, the development of the game as a final year project, the collaboration agreement with PlayStation, our passage through fairs such as the GameLab, Fun & Serious Game Festival, the NiceOne Barcelona... and ending in the publication of the game [...]


Welcome back! Today we'll talk about how our programmer, Pau Tarés,  made the first prototype of the game under the name "PaperBoy" of what will later become A Tale Of Paper. It all started in our second year at ENTI (Videogame Design University at Barcelona) [...]


Hi and welcome again! Today we’ll catch up to where we left off two weeks ago when we talked about how the project began and showed you how the first playable demo of “A Tale of Paper” looked like (if you haven’t read it I strongly recommend you to). Without further ado, let’s continue [...]


Welcome back! First of all, the OpenHouseGames Team wishes that all of you are doing well through these tough times we’re currently living. We must stay strong, if Line can endure the hardest of obstacles, we all also can and will. Stay home and stay safe everyone! Now let’s continue talking about how the project developed after the second build by the time the team was fully reunited [...]


We hope you’re all doing well, today we’ll talk about our experience wanting to enter the PlayStation Talents Initiative and how it turned out.

After our last year at ENTI and the success that “A Tale of Paper” had on, we weren’t the only ones that saw that the game had potential to become a full title instead of a demo that we launched on May 11th 2018 [...]

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